About the Project

Gothic Feminism: The Representation of the Gothic Heroine in Cinema

University of Kent

Gothic Feminism is a research project based at the University of Kent which seeks to re-engage with theories of the Gothic and reflect specifically upon the depiction of the Gothic heroine in film. The project raises questions of representation, interpretation and feminist enquiry in relation to the Gothic heroine throughout film history including present day incarnations. This project will illuminate the concerns, contradictions and challenges posed by the Gothic heroine on-screen.

The project was inaugurated with its first conference on 26th – 27th May 2016 with Dr Catherine Spooner (Lancaster University) as the keynote speaker.

A second conference took place on 24th – 26th May 2017 with keynote speaker Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes (Manchester Metropolitan University).

A third conference is planned for 2nd – 3rd May 2019 with Dr Lisa Purse (University of Reading) as the keynote speaker. Registration is now open for this event. Please click here.

The project will also host smaller events throughout the year: please see the homepage for the latest details.


Gothic Feminism is part of the Melodrama Research Group (https://blogs.kent.ac.uk/melodramaresearchgroup/) and supported by the Centre for Film and Media Research (https://www.kent.ac.uk/arts/research/centres/filmcentre/) at the University of Kent.

Organisers: Frances Kamm and Tamar Jeffers McDonald, University of Kent.

Please direct all queries to gothicfeminism2016@gmail.com


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